Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls offer energy savings even when lights are at their highest lighting level; offering 4-9% in energy savings. The more the lights are dimmed, the more you save. In addition, adjusting light output can improve both productivity and comfort, as the user can set the light output at a desired level that works for their needs. Customize your lighting experience with dimmers and sensors today!

Check out the variety of lighting controls from  Lutron!

daylight sensor

Daylight Harvesting

Daylight Harvesting uses natural and artificial light to adjust a lamps output when an area has sufficient light or when a room is unoccupied. This saves energy and reduces the amount of overhead lighting.
vacancy sensors

Vacancy Sensors

Vacancy sensors need to be turned on when you enter the room, but turn off automatically when left unoccupied. This sensor is the best option for energy savings, since lights wont’ turn on accidentally.
occupancy sensor

Occupancy Sensors

We offer a variety of occupancy sensors, including; ceiling mounts and dual technology.


 Dimmers allow users to dim the lights at a desired level or at certain increments, this includes step dimmers.

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