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The Center for Sustainable Lighting is a first in the Northern VA area. Rob Mills, Owner and President of CNR Lighting, had a vision years ago of a place that would encompass everything sustainable lighting is about.

This state-of-the-art lighting center not only provides the latest products that will provide any type of customer with better quality light, but will offer many other services such as training and lighting audits.

CNR sees this as an opportunity to educate all consumers on how they can conserve energy and become a “green” contributor. The showroom floor is plentiful with new product information, interactive displays, environmental facts and visual aids. The building components themselves are even environmentally friendly, with recycled shelving, collections for recycling your used ballasts and bulbs, an EnergyStar rated printer that prints with organic ink and, of course, energy efficient lighting!

What makes this facility so unique is that everyone can see first-hand how these products work. CNR has many generous suppliers that offered their latest products to be implemented in the store. This allows for interactive education that can demonstrate energy conservation applications such as occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, LED lamps and all encompassing digital light programming. This software can quantify in real time such elements as carbon dioxide and coal reduction when using these products.

You will see fixtures provided by Hubbell Lighting, lamps provided by Philips Lighting and digital light programming and sensors from Lutron. The showroom can accommodate any level of lighting knowledge. There are many new products and displays to impress even the seasoned lighting contractor or engineer. With many visual aids and specifications, those who aren’t sure what they need will have no trouble finding the right energy-efficient product for a new application or to replace an older product. Of course, the CNR staff is always happy to aid you in finding the best solution for your project.

The CNR (CN Robinson) Headquarters is located in Baltimore, MD with 138 years of experience in lighting distribution. CNR is focused on servicing a broad clientele interested in enhancing either their new construction projects or existing facilities. They provide quality lighting products that offer superior performance and cost saving benefits at the most competitive prices. A trusted name for many years, CNR has long-term relationships with clients such as Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, the State of Maryland, Erickson, COPT, University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins.

CNR staff members are known as “The Lighting Experts.” The NCQLP established a certification process by which practitioners in lighting and related fields, through testing, demonstrate their knowledge and experience across all lighting professions. “LC” meansĀ Lighting Certified. Only two registered LC’s in the Maryland/DC area work for a distributor and both of them are employed by CNR. They are the Lighting Experts and have the certificates to prove it. By providing knowledge and enlightenment to their customers, their family of long time employees strives to use expertise to improve the quality of light and, in turn, the quality of life.

CNR Lighting is gearing up for the “Center for Sustainable Lighting” Grand Opening from 12-4 pm on April 28th that will include demonstrations, give-aways and more. There will be many important guests in attendance including the Mayor of Herndon, the inventor of the low-mercury bulb, energy officials from Washington DC and the Governor’s office to name a few. We welcome everyone to come in and experience the new showroom while enjoying delicious food and learning how to save money, energy and our environment. We are located at 13856-A Park Center Road, Renaissance Park, Herndon, VA, 20171. Please feel free to contact us at 571-323-7590.

Better for your business, better for the environment. It’s just that simple.