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Governments are one of the largest owners and operators of buildings nationwide. Buildings account for 39% of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the U.S., according to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). CO2 emissions are projected to grow the fastest in the building sector over the next 25 years. Because power generation accounts for about one quarter of total emissions of CO2 per year, it is a significant factor in global warming.

Using efficient, effective lighting is one of the first steps toward reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gases. An estimated 30% of all U.S. outdoor lighting is misdirected skyward which leads to $1.5 billion in wasted electricity.

CNR is linked to the procurement gateway as well as being registered in the Central Contractors Registry (CCR). We stay abreast on the purchasing requirements of the federal government on a daily basis. Quotations are handled accurately and expediently. CNR will respond efficiently, via fax or email. However, don't be surprised when you receive a follow up phone call as well. We still believe in old fashioned customer service and want to know our customers personally.

Our location allows us to offer personal visits to Philadelphia, Richmond or any other location. Should our quotation become an award, you can rest assured that CNR has the means to handle your bar coding and mil spec requirements. We are familiar with the necessary forms to see that delivery and processing are trouble free from anywhere in the country. CNR is also set up to accept procurement cards and can provide electronic billing or electronic transfer of funds. We monitor your order from start to finish because we believe the most valuable product we offer is our service.

No matter where you are or the size of your agency, CNR Lighting is ready to help you!!
We can supply to any area nationwide and can work personally with not just the DC area, but up towards Philadelphia, PA and down to Richmond, VA.

If you are a City agency and not buying from CNR currently, please contact us today! We will send a qualified lighting specialist right over! We are confident one call can dramatically improve the service your receive from your lamp supplier as well as producing tremendous savings within your lighting budget.

Some of the Baltimore City agencies that are currently buying from contract and receiving the benefits of being serviced by the areas largest and most experienced specialized lighting distributors.

  • City of Baltimore Inventory Control
  • City of Baltimore Public Works
  • City Disbursements
  • Housing Authority
  • Mayor's Office
  • Police Department
  • Highway Maintenance - lighting Division
  • Baltimore City Waste Water

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