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Energy costs are a school district's second highest expenditure after personnel. Public schools currently spend more than $8 billion per year for energy and the costs continue to rise. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting in institutional facilities, including schools and universities, can consume up to one third of a building's total energy cost. Therefore, a sensible approach to any energy savings program should begin with a lighting upgrade. Lighting upgrades can result in an average payback period of two and a half years and a return on investment (ROI) of 40 percent. On average, green schools save $100,000 per year. That is enough to hire two new teachers, buy 200 new computers or 5,000 new textbooks every year. If all new school construction and school renovations were green, energy savings alone would total more than $20 billion over the next 10 years. By promoting the design and construction of green schools and integrating sustainable lighting solutions, we can make a tremendous impact on student health, test scores, teacher retention, school operational costs and the environment.

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Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland established a Green Building Program in 2003. The program implements high-performance and green building strategies that include staff training, design standard reviews and LEED certification for all new school construction.

A LEED pilot school, Great Seneca Creek Elementary School in Germantown, opened in 2006 and is Maryland's first LEED-certified school. The same year, Montgomery County passed a requirement that all public schools be certified by a third party at a minimum LEED-Silver level, including county schools.

They have also instituted  SERT (School Energy & Recycling Team), a program that promotes efficient and responsible energy use in all Montgomery County Public Schools. The program is implemented by a SERT team, made up of a captain, students, teachers, parents, building managers and office staff. Schools practice environmental stewardship and implement energy saving strategies and active recycling programs to earn quarterly awards. SERT teams receive activities and support to implement their ideas for energy and water conservation. They even have fun activities to create awareness. CNR Lighting was there at the inception of the curriculum and has worked closely with SERT by providing products, education and funds for such programs as the "Watt's Up?"  Poster contest and the "25 Watt Club" that get kids involved!
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For more than 45 years, Lutron Electronics has provided lighting control solutions that save energy and enhance the spaces in which we live and work. Now, in collaboration with the Green Schools Alliance and Council for Educational Facility Planners (CEFPI), Lutron is taking this commitment to a new level with Greenovation - a holistic program designed to help schools across the country energize education and inspire action. To learn more about the four pillars of the Greenovation program, visit

Lutron Case Study: Click here to watch a video that shows how students in Arlington Heights, Illinois started a project to install BalanceLC™ in their school, to save energy and improve their learning environment.

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